Recreating the sounds of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop using the Web Audio API

a prototype by BBC Research & Development



BBC Research & Development

Internet Research & Future Services (IRFS)


Built by:

  • Pete Warren (Design, voices of the daleks and cybermen, tape looping)
  • Matthew Paradis (PD-wizardry, Web Audio hacking)
  • Andrew Nicolaou (JavaScript, CSS, bug squashing)
  • Chris Lowis (Web Audio hacking, ruby wrangling)
  • Oliver Thereaux (Project running, problem solving)
  • Lara Bostock (JavaScript bug fixing, CSS magic)
  • Chris Needham (Web Audio hacking)

With very special thanks to: Dick Mills, Mark Ayers, Roger Limb, Chris Baume, Louise Martin, Theo Jones, Sam Dutton, Matthew Herbert.